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Under Scottish law, coffins can only be exhumed, even temporarily, if a warrant has been obtained.
Suha Arafat told CNN she is requesting the body be exhumed "to make sure 100% of the existence of polonium.
Hundreds of exhumed remains of missing persons [are] waiti
His body was exhumed in June and samples sent off to an independent laboratory in Belgium for analysis.
His body was buried instantly but exhumed later and handed over to some unknown agency, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported, quoting Bandar.
DNA tests on Christopher Rochester have still not been completed more than three months after he was exhumed.
Consecrated ground: Walter Bartram's ashes were exhumed from Bromsgrove Old Cemetery so he can be 'set free'.
260 dead bodies were brought to the morgues from streets, houses or were exhumed.
A BRITISH war hero's remains are to be exhumed by foreign authorities over unpaid taxes.
Now his grave in Spain, where he retired to, is in danger of being exhumed and his remains scattered because he has no known relatives and taxes of pounds 280 are owing for the plot.
One month later, the body was exhumed to obtain a sample from the central nervous system (CNS), which was sent to Instituto Pasteur, Sao Paulo, registered as sample 5341 M/04 and tested by FAT, MIT, and RT-PCR.
Four years ago, a the body of hanged IRA man Tom Williams was exhumed from its jail grave and reburied in Milltown Cemetery.