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Exhuming Tyler is the story of the personal crisis caused when this idiosyncratic, innocently ghoulish character is asked to move out by his brother's exasperated wife.
The Shelby County medical examiner said Lisa Marie will need to file a request, citing her reason for exhuming her father's body.
The headstone, bearing the name Jesse Woodson James and giving a death date of August 15 1951, was moved so several workmen could begin exhuming the remains from the cemetery in Granbury, near Forth Worth.
Charlene Olson, who produced Exhuming Tyler, is a grad of the Producer Lab.
He remains free pending what police said will be a lengthy investigation that could require exhuming the bodies of possible victims.
Kamran Faisal's father told media that an investigator officer probing into the death of his son, had telephoned him and sought permission for exhuming the body.
His lawyer, Gerry Kelly, said: "I think Mr Lang has an excellent case for exhuming the body because the description in the post- mortem just does not match up.
But officers, overwhelmed by the scale of the disaster, said they would not be exhuming any bodies.
Serb forces are exhuming mass graves in Kosovo in a bid to hide their war atrocities, Nato alleged yesterday.
But scientists have repeatedly tried to find traces of it, studying autopsy specimens and even exhuming bodies buried in Alaska where, they hoped, the virus would have remained preserved.
QUETTA, 07 April , 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Chief Justice Balochistan High Court Amanullah Khan Yasinzai on Tuesday took suo moto notice of killing of 16 years old girl and exhuming her body in Manjho Shori area of Nasirabad district.