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Reasonable belief that suspects are about to remove contraband is another factor in evaluating the exigency of a situation.
A second cluster of work analyzes court cases regarding faculty termination, examining court interpretations of concepts such as "financial exigency," and often providing advice to administrators about how to write contracts and terminate faculty in ways that will minimize litigation and ensure success if fired faculty bring suit |19, 27, 50, 59, 68, 75~.
In such cases, the memorandum stipulates that requests to require the attendance of public school teachers during the declared Christmas break must satisfy the following conditions: A letter-request is submitted by the school head to his/her respective SDO; Sufficient justification is provided to establish that exigency of public service exists; and The request is duly approved by the Schools Division Superintendent (SDS).
The first of the two new categories is known as qualifying exigency leave.
"Like the Telecommuting Act, this is optional or voluntary and would depend on the exigency of the business operation," he clarified.
He deliberated upon the exigency of Chinese language for multiple rationales; seeking admissions at the leading Chinese Universities with scholarships, entering into the job markets offered by the Chinese Companies and establishing joint ventures with the Chinese counterparts were only few advantages highlighted by him.
'The issue of exigency or emergency is a different kettle of fish.
3, Extreme Exigency will be at the Franklin County Farm Bureau Building offering a Utah Conceal and Carry Class.
At the center of the promotion is a new health and travel iPhone app, Exigency.
The King called for exigency to exert internationally concerted, serious and expedite efforts and offices to stop it, exigency of the UN Security Council intervention to take all prompt measurements to stop violating the sacredness of Al-Aqsa Mosque, protect the Palestinian people and religious sanctuaries, awarding the Palestinian people its legitimate rights, asserting that such aggression, flagrantly, violates the holiness of religions and gives a hand to fan extremism and violence, in the entire world.
Even if due to inadequate rainfall, there is a marginal decline in agriculture production, stocks in the Central pool are adequate to meet any exigency he added.
The drill comes as part of the ongoing training and preparation of BDF battalions and units to cope with various exigency conditions in addition to developing techniques followed in the process of boosting combat readiness and preparedness and coordination of joint efforts between the relevant bodies.