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When police conduct a reasonable "knock and talk" and an individual is free to ignore the police or deny consent, the individual's unreasonable reaction creates the exigency.
A second cluster of work analyzes court cases regarding faculty termination, examining court interpretations of concepts such as "financial exigency," and often providing advice to administrators about how to write contracts and terminate faculty in ways that will minimize litigation and ensure success if fired faculty bring suit |19, 27, 50, 59, 68, 75~.
When it has been determined that an employee is entitled to qualifying exigency leave due to a loved one's call to active duty, the exigencies they are allowed to resolve are very inclusive.
Under this established precedent, the "automobile exception" has no separate exigency requirement.
The court further stated that, even if the exigency had not existed when the agent made the purchase, because the agents acted lawfully by knocking on the door and announcing their presence,(35) they did not impermissibly create the emergency.
even if the [officers] might have been able to obtain a warrant earlier in the day, their failure to do so at the first opportunity does not bar them from acting on an exigency that arises later.
3, Extreme Exigency will be at the Franklin County Farm Bureau Building offering a Utah Conceal and Carry Class.
The reassignments of executives have been implemented in the exigency of service ('SSS execs probed for profiteering,' 10/31/17 and 'Suspension of SSS officials sought,' 11/1/17).
At the center of the promotion is a new health and travel iPhone app, Exigency.
The King called for exigency to exert internationally concerted, serious and expedite efforts and offices to stop it, exigency of the UN Security Council intervention to take all prompt measurements to stop violating the sacredness of Al-Aqsa Mosque, protect the Palestinian people and religious sanctuaries, awarding the Palestinian people its legitimate rights, asserting that such aggression, flagrantly, violates the holiness of religions and gives a hand to fan extremism and violence, in the entire world.
415v) o/h line on as and when required basis and re-storing of power supply in the colony in exigency conditions such as storm , theft etc.
Even if due to inadequate rainfall, there is a marginal decline in agriculture production, stocks in the Central pool are adequate to meet any exigency he added.