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Among other issues, he agreed that without such an order, it was likely that FOBS would not be able to continue to the full hearing, with their exiguous assets.
Illustrative diagrams, pictorial representations and images are richly instructive but are unfortunately exiguous.
Because 8th century and 9th century non-West Saxon prose text materials are exiguous, Early Old English representation is limited to the West Saxon dialect.
2, league clubs usually constitute only a small minority of all clubs belonging to the federation, so their influence in the federation is in any case somewhat exiguous.
The exiguous annotations of Benjamin Taylor, the editor of these Letters (NY: Viking, 2010), do not do justice to Bellow, an unusually learned and highly allusive writer.
The analysis of this cache gives glimpses into how a farming family with exiguous resources could participate in the worlds of cheap print.
Whilst one would have to be lacking in patriotic spirit to be unmoved by the inspirational preamble of the existing constitution, which captures the essence of Egypt's achievements, travails, and hopes, one would similarly have to overlook the fact that the specific articles throughout the rest of the document have proved to be exiguous in practice, unworthy of the stirring prose of the preamble, and insufficient to realize the lofty goals stated therein.
That is, Bloom's exiguous Catalan canon, plainly determined by the availability of English translations at the time of writing, has the status of guesswork insofar as canonical certainty relies on the test of time and the precarious canonicity of 20th-century works.
For what it is worth, the exiguous evidence (literary, historical, epigraphic) suggests that Muhammad emerged as a legitimizing figure only in the late first century, perhaps first under the Zubayrids, but certainly under the early Marw[a.
Stripped of the exiguous metaphysical background which Kant was prepared to allow him, this is still with still, free, independent, lonely, powerful, rational, responsible, brave, the hero of so many novels and books of moral philosophy.
Gathered at night in study deep I sate, Alone, upon the tripod stool of brass, Exiguous flame came out of solitude, Promise of magic that may be believed.