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Nevertheless, this result should be carefully contextualized: our sample of students belonging to a non-Catholic religion is exiguous (and the "other" religion is indeterminate) since non-Catholic religions are infrequent in Spain.
In addition, because the research literature related to online developmental mathematics was relatively exiguous, additional resources were also incorporated into this review, which included two books, two perspective pieces, and one theoretical article.
In the rural area where the program was applied, formal social resources that provide opportunities for social participation and leisure activities are exiguous and taking part in a nine month intervention program with weekly sessions of physical, cognitive, and crafts activities emerged as a great opportunity to increase their probability to age actively.
That lucky specimen is Ane Godlie Dreame, which happens to be (a) the shortest of the group, (b) the only one written by a woman, and (c) the only one from the list to make it into the anthology of Bateman et al.--even if only to the exiguous extent of a paltry two stanzas.
The high level of generalization is, in turn, a product of the exiguous and fragmentary material that Giladi has collected with such persistence and care.
The authors point out the lack of preparation to deal with aspects of sexuality and exiguous time to establish bonds.
The present study has some limitations: first, the exiguous number of patients enrolled and the lack of strong disease-specificity of OPG and oxidative stress with MVP.
Efforts by the international community and un mandated organizations to resolve both issues in a peaceful manner have remained half-hearted and exiguous keeping in view the intensity of both conflicts.
Value arguments have received only exiguous attention in the previous literature (see Albrecht et al., 2013; Minteer and Collins, 2010; Schwartz et al., 2012).
(14) Hudson contends that while 'material for the north is the most exiguous', 'texts in a limited way support these hints that Lollardy was not unfamiliar in the north'.
Ying Zhu's Two Billion Eyes is an exiguous study of the inner operation of CCTV.
The "Further Reading" is exiguous; the "Notes" acknowledge only direct quotations.