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EXILE, civil law. The: interdiction of all places except one in which the party is forced to make his residence.
     2. This punishment did not deprive the sufferer of his right of citizenship or of his property, unless the exile were perpetual, in which case confiscation not unfrequently was a part of the sentence. Exile was temporary or perpetual. Dig. 48, 22, 4; Code, 10, 59, 2. Exile differs from deportation, (q.v.) and relegation. (q.v.) Vide, 2 Lev. 191; Co. Litt. 133, a.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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On trial was the tsarist autocracy, accused by a new generation of educated political prisoners exiled without due process in the 1880s of transgressing basic human rights common to all.
Of special importance was the international system's official designation of SWAPO as the 'sole and authentic representative of the Namibian people', which gave the exiled SWAPO hierarchy an extraordinary amount of authority.
Positioning Luisa within the exiled Strozzi family's bent trajectory of fortune, the author explores the implications of exile and cross-border mobility for the commissioning of maternal agency through suffering.
Bharati's attempts to disrupt the colonial, sexist and casteist politics of his homeland ensured that he occupied a marginal, subaltern position, whether he was spatially exiled in Pondicherry, or more epistemogically exiled as his radical beliefs and practices positioned him firmly at the margins of South Indian society.
On display until March 30 at the Depo art space in ystanbul's Tophane neighborhood, the exhibition "20 Dollars 20 Kilos" takes its visitors into the lost lives and hopes of these exiled ystanbul Greeks through a series of historical documents, voice recordings, memorabilia, newspaper reports and a video work.
Rizal may have gone through the usual and normal human response to being involuntarily exiled to a far- away land, he chose to transform his situation into a productive one.
for a writer, who is the exiled one, the language is his placenta [...],it does not represent only a slow conquering, but also the legitimacy, the spiritual home.
Exiled Tibetans on Monday (September 02) came together to celebrate their 53rd Democracy day in India's northern hill town of Dharamsala with much fervour.
However, two contributions by literary scholars, D'Addario's analysis of Abraham Cowley's reassessment of the purpose of poetry and Major's examination of the spiritual diaries of another exiled regicide, William Goffe, could have been strengthened by situating these works in a biblical as well as historical context.
But included in the 43,000 were about 20,000 children who had never set foot in or fully experienced the country to which they were being repatriated, having been born to or raised by exiled soldiers and refugees of the struggle.