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EXILE, civil law. The: interdiction of all places except one in which the party is forced to make his residence.
     2. This punishment did not deprive the sufferer of his right of citizenship or of his property, unless the exile were perpetual, in which case confiscation not unfrequently was a part of the sentence. Exile was temporary or perpetual. Dig. 48, 22, 4; Code, 10, 59, 2. Exile differs from deportation, (q.v.) and relegation. (q.v.) Vide, 2 Lev. 191; Co. Litt. 133, a.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Pray Heaven that no family in Boston turned one of these poor exiles from their door!
The exiles grew old in the British provinces, and never saw Acadia again.
Symptomatic of the overload of the system was the huge proportion of exiles who escaped captivity.
The WRU have been keeping tabs on him for some time through their Exiles programme and it's understood he may well be joining the Scarlets Academy for next season.
As Stefa unfolds the mystery of the young woman, whom he has never met, he is pulled deeper into the tragic life of one of Albania's internal exiles. Classical myths (particularly the story of Orpheus and Eurydice), modern anxieties, and surreal dreams collide chaotically in Stefa's feverish mind as he works through the tangled connections between himself and the dead woman.
Exiles in a Global City: The Irish and Early Modern Rome, 1609-1783
His research focuses on relationships and shared activities with former exiles. This includes the circulation of historical resources, memories, documents and photographs, which Williams shared with his interlocutors.
Exiles of the medieval and early modern period populate the historical record.
Most people are principally aware of one culture, one setting, one home; exiles are aware of at least two, and this plurality of vision gives rise to an awareness of simultaneous dimensions, an awareness that is ...
It is clear that Exiles in Colonial Asia is a fine example of current scholarship on colonial empires working with concepts of migration, networks, and exile.
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