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Procede del latin, exemplum, derivado de eximere, separar, y este de emere, sacar, extraer, arrancar .
Nunc audimus apud Bohemos exoriri novum ludaeorum genus, Sabbatarios appellant, qui tanta superstitione servant sabbaturn, ut Si quid eo die incident in oculum, nolint eximere, quasi non sufficiat eis pro sabbato dies dominicus, qui apostolis etiam erat sacer, aut quasi Christus non satis expresserit, quantum tribuendum sit sabbato.
An exemplary text, "Post-Meridiem" ("exemplary" coming from exemplum - that is, from eximere, in which, to the meanings of "to extract, to bring out, to take away," which have specific reference to the act of selecting, is added the sense of liberation from writing that is weighed down by too heavily personal reflections).