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Of course, it's important to weigh and consider the advantages and disadvantages of existing buildings or existing historic buildings whose owners or managers desire to transform them to meet modern, green standards.
Timber sized wood framing, thick tongue and groove wood floors, large steel roof trusses and exterior cladding of antique bricks and stone, become natural assets in the redevelopment of an existing structure.
In many existing FC SAN environments, cost is the underlying reason that up to half the servers and their associated direct-attached storage still aren't connected.
This Circuits of Theory (see Figure 2) comprises three dialectically related modules and the taxonomy of theory within the existing social environment.
Prior to 1992, courts generally held that costs incurred in expanding an existing trade or business were deductible, based on the conclusion that the expenses did not create a "separate and distinct asset.
Negative evidence must be evaluated when looking at reversals of existing taxable temporary differences and, if necessary, future taxable income other than reversals.
Smaller space requirements, together with the ability to control plasticity, give MCTD extruders the unique ability to be combined with existing hot feed extruders, enabling multi-component extrusions to be produced.
For existing long term care facilities the ADA states that discrimination will exist, "if the building owner fails to remove, architectural barrier and communication barriers that are structural in nature where such removal is readily achievable (easily accomplishable and able to be carried out with out much difficulty or expense).
This requirement guarantees that existing account holders who want information will receive it, without mandating that institutions distribute schedules to all account holders.
With the current cost of real estate so high and the price of entry into the market for new acquisitions so great, many owners are looking for ways to leverage the value of an existing property.