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Experience: While only 38 per cent of the deals have been disclosed, there are key insights that come from the research that are of interest: the pre-dominant exit valuation was in the $10 million to $20 million mark accounting for 35 per cent of the startups; in aggregate 62 per cent of the disclosed deals were M&A activity for less than $50 million; only 26 per cent of the startups that exited have disclosed previous funding; Souq is noted to have had the highest previous startup funding of $425 million; and several VCs in the MENA region have noted exits of startups in their portfolio including MVI, Jabbar Internet Group, Middle East Venture Partners, and BECO Capital.
"The average holding period for these deals has in fact been rising steadily ever since the financial crisis, and reached almost six years on average for deals exited in 2014."
CVCI sold its holding in GMR Infrastructure Ltd at three-and-a-half times of what it paid for the stake, and also exited Centurion Bank of Punjab Ltd at two-and-a-half times its initial expenditure.
It is informative, however, to compare DSP recipients who exited off all income support payments (the fourth data column) with DSP recipients who did not exit (sixth data column), since the rates of left-censoring are similar for these two groups.
This extraordinary measure is a result of studies about the World Trade Center events of 9/11, which confirmed that building occupants exited faster and safer in areas that were outfitted with PL technology.
The dies contained small notches spaced at about 10 mm intervals along the top surface at the exit that allowed linking a location on the extruded profile surface to the location where that material exited the die.