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The insider trading policy did not require Exodus stock to be returned if a shareholder attempted to sell his or her stock in violation of the policy.
From Exodus and much of the Old Testament, however, the one meaning that stands out is that "special people" bear great responsibility.
The second mention, however, compels us to identify the Egypt-like bondage we experience in our lives - personally and spiritually - and to begin the exodus toward change.
But apart from however many "souls" Exodus International might "save," its broader function is less therapeutic than propagandistic.
The last three films are being financed by a fund launched by Exodus earlier this year.
Negotiating the deal on Griffin's behalf was William Morris' Tim Curtis, with Todd Stern of Weissman & Wolf acting on behalf of Exodus Film Group.
For more information on Exodus, ElectroAge or "Paul Bunyan" the movie, please call Emily M.
The Exodus Business comprises substantially all of Exodus's United States customer contracts, together with selected corporate and data centre assets, know-how, intellectual property (including the Exodus brand), high quality employee base and other resources required to support these customers and grow the business.
Exodus has agreed to assume all material contracts between Exodus and StorageNetworks, including the Joint Marketing and Services Agreement under which StorageNetworks provides services to customers located in Exodus' Internet Data Centers.
The Company expects to reflect the revaluation of the carrying value of its investment in Exodus as a non-cash charge in its third quarter 2001 statement of operations.
Realizing that the public disclosure of Exodus' slowing growth rate would cause Exodus' stock price to decline, it is further alleged that defendants issued a series of false and misleading statements designed to keep Exodus' stock price high while certain defendants sold over 441,667 shares of Exodus common stock for proceeds of over $4.
Under the agreement, Imperial Technology will have access to the Exodus(R) Alliance Exchange, an online community that enables Exodus partners and customers to build relationships and pursue business opportunities with other Alliance Exchange members.