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This was not exomologesis (the public performance of one's sin) but exagoreusis (an alethurgy of putting oneself into discourse, of verbalising truth, GoL, 307).
CWE 67-68: Exomologesis (1524) and Ecclesiastes (1535)
The Exomologesis dates from 1524 and the Ecclesiastes from 1535, and however significant these time differences may be, Erasmus' work also seems to form a consistent whole here, too: in letter 2205 to Johann von Botzheim, a passage is based on a view of the proper effect of confession, according to the Exomologesis.
Plus the penalties were so severe--especially the requirement of lifelong celibacy for sins against chastity--that people avoided exomologesis while still publicly receiving Holy Communion.
87) With the latter historically having been prime serious matter for auricular confession (and we might note, for ancient exomologesis as well), John Paul II and the Vatican's strategy to renew the laity's fervor for regular confession could not but yield scant results.
I am grateful to Michael Heath for calling my attention to the proverb under discussion; his translation (and commentary) of Exomologesis will appear in CWE.