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Notably, the same scientist who had originated the study on the chemical's carcinogenic properties in mice published the study exonerating PCBs.
And one of the co-authors of its paper exonerating sugar was a scientific advisor to the Canadian Sugar Institute.
In what seemed to be yet another slap in the face to the parents of murdered soldier Barry Winchell, the Pentagon on July 21 issued a report exonerating Fort Campbell, Ky.
These technologies were developed to enable forensic technicians to more efficiently use DNA in solving crimes, exonerating the wrongly accused and identifying missing persons.
DNA testing is also a powerful tool for exonerating people who have been imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit.
The exhibit showcases the importance of exonerating the wrongly convicted and the essential role organizations such as the Northern California Innocence Project (NCIP) play in this process," said Kathleen Ridolfi, law professor and director of the Northern California Innocence Project at SCU.
After 53 days of testimony, the jury deliberated for little more than two hours before exonerating Toyota.