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Even before the competing power ballads of Celine, Mariah and Whitney started choking the airwaves at the close of the decade, "Les Miserables" had already embraced shameless emotional exorbitance.
Such sculptures as the Limestone Head of about 1912 (Tate Gallery), Minoan in its simplicity and Congolese in its exorbitance, and hardly more than a disc carved at its peripheries, may have led Modigliani towards the formula, used in many of his portraits, of a narrow face traversed by an unusually long nose.
In fact, case law suggests that the opposite is true--for state-created fee-shifting schemes, state law governs the amount awarded as punitive damages in federal diversity actions, subject to an ultimate federal constitutional check for exorbitance.
The exorbitance of this power of law is fully disclosed when Goodrich describes it as "a space containing all civilised people, a text, a country to which the subject either belongs or is expunged through the law of territory, of terreo--a terror arbitrated by means of ius terrendi or ius submovendi , which can be translated loosely as the power to erase from the map" (1990: 278).
The biblical fate of Job, who endured all the exorbitance of his trials, absorbed the experience of 'the great impossible', and what happened then seemed as if it never happened.
Together with the focus on the difficulties of self-understanding, the exorbitance underwriting essentialist tropes is also targeted, and this means that any recourse to prelapsarian notions needs to be rethought if we want to do justice to this book.
But this time, the battle lines have been drawn by the sheer exorbitance of mother-of-two Diane Richie's requests.
The crudity and the exorbitance of the Clinton pro-death program nationwide, and the vileness of the locally applied Bush regime in Texas, only succeeded in awakening more widespread misgivings about the random application of the penalty, the increased likelihood of executing the innocent and the nauseating business of killing the underage and the mentally underdeveloped.
Baldwin's text quite movingly makes trauma speak without losing this speech's traumatic exorbitance.
I use a United States example of hypothetical exorbitance therefore, simply to hammer home the negotiation aspect of what might go into a judgments recognition treaty, not to endorse as proper what I actually consider domestically unconstitutional.
Between communication and opacity, exchange and exorbitance, souffle and silence, what Mallarme refers to as a "jeu" is the attempt to find a place for literature in this middle ground.
The sentence's residual momentum, or surplus, or even exorbitance, can carry across the sentence boundary, producing a variant on the appositional structure: the sentence fragment.