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For Gonzalez Echevarria, the baroque incongruities and exorbitance of their texts reveal cultural contradictions and permit a multiplicity of readings not accessible through more canonical literary studies.
T]his exorbitance is sure to take place, almost from the necessity of the case, if Theology be not present to defend its own boundaries and to hinder the encroachment.
The waters of the Gulf are so blue, the Chihuahuan Plains so vast, the Sierra Madre so rugged, that the viewer is dizzied by the sheer exorbitance of Mexico's natural beauty.
Stores like DoubleTake that thrive in this climate, understand that even among their wealthiest clients, exorbitance has become passe, and thrift is in.
The exorbitance of duplicity was best demonstrated by PM Nikola Gruevski who did not know how to answer questions he asked himself in the interview with A1 TV.
iStar's deal featured an almost unprecedented combination of size and exorbitance and at a building that hadn't previously been considered among midtown's most exclusive.
In 1946, before he started to write the trilogy, Waugh perceived that "the failure of modern novelists since and including James Joyce is one of presumption and exorbitance.
It adds to the exorbitance of his tragic blindness that Gustav shoots Toni and himself after the conditions of his salvation have already been put into place, as it were.
3) Similar to Nancy's etymological definition of the Muses as sources of emotive exorbitance and messengers of tension, desire, ardor, and impatience, the modern muse as chance "compels the poet to do her bidding" (9; original emphasis).
With an economy of language and a precision rare in the current atmosphere of linguistic exorbitance, the author is able paint vividly the comic torment of this man of the cloth: "A few minutes later she directed him to a bare spot behind some oak trees, near a canal.
The SendMe/WorkCentre Pro integration delivers what high- and mid-volume office customers need to keep a competitive edge in today's business world, greater efficiencies to manage and share the exorbitance of paper documents.
The hooligan attacks and exorbitance of young people resulted with a stab in the heart that could have ended tragically, says Milorad Stojmanovski for Dnevnik.