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He also sought direction for them to take action against the transporters if they charged exorbitant fares from passengers.
Worse yet, people are forced to buy timber and LPG as an alternative to Sui gas at exorbitant prices.
In a previous hearing of the case, NAB had said that it investigated corruption and corrupt practices in the award of advertisements against the law and at exorbitant rates to TV channels and FM radio stations for various awareness campaigns between July 2013 and June 2015.
It was further alleged that exorbitant fee was being charged by private medical colleges.
All the accused while in league with one another had allegedly changed the status of the land by tampering the revenue record on the basis of which the land owners had claimed higher amount on exorbitant rates.
She told reporters here that she doesn't live an exorbitant lifestyle and has not done any wrongdoing.
He pleaded with the court to set aside the exorbitant processing fee collection being illegal and unconstitutional.
Those who can't afford to pay such exorbitant costs will be left in the lurch.
Foreign visitors in Istanbul's Fatih District are often approached by touts attempting to lure them to nightclubs where they are charged exorbitant prices for drinks.
The arrested accuseds were involved in extending loans in the shape of cash and kind on exorbitant rates and subsequent exploitation of the debtors.
Unfortunately, there are more and more people who are struggling financially but these short term loans with their exorbitant interest rates are not the answer.
The motion calls on the conference to "deplore the exorbitant fees paid to a small number of private consultants who give advice that is sometimes useless or worse".