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While talking with news reporters, Chela Ram, the Acting Chairman of REAP told that a common man is already facing huge number of problems in connection with the increased rates of food items and if no action taken against this unlawful practice to increase the charges exorbitantly without consulting stakeholders then it will be resulted into very gravely and the basic food items will be out of reach of a common man.
we are trying to cut down the cost, we are trying to use the fabric not that lavishly exorbitantly costly.
I refer, of course, to the proposals to tax cigarettes exorbitantly ``so that children can't afford them.
These solutions are exorbitantly expensive, require extensive human overhead to interact with the technology, are not truly portable and do not scale to the content owner's needs.
These gadgets used for essential assessments of the patients cost the sufferers exorbitantly, around Rs.
4 trillion in slow, fraud-prone, off-line signature debit transactions at exorbitantly high and fixed prices during the last decade," said Constantine.
SLIGHTLY FATTER PAYCHECKS: The economy, which has been chugging along without driving salaries and wages exorbitantly higher, is expected to remain on that path next year, according to William M.
California consumers paid exorbitantly inflated energy prices because of the price fixing conduct of energy companies and the now disgraced energy trading company Enron.
Availability of cold drinks and other refreshments are exorbitantly priced, making them out of reach of common public, who have strongly demanded of Rawal Town administration to heed to the upkeep and up gradation of Nawaz Sharif Park , immediately.
The taxpayers of Los Angeles have been paying the Los Angeles Unified School District exorbitantly to give its teachers raises, as well as maintain the facilities.
Here's the honest truth: The Rockefeller Drug Laws are unjust, unfair, inefficient - and exorbitantly wasteful of human lives and economic resources.
Many people who did not have their own conveyance also managed to reach at the recreational spots despite a thin transport on the roads and taxi drivers charging exorbitantly.