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3-2- Study acting contrary to the provisions of the Official exordium in matters of marriage and divorce:
37) Consider, for example, the exordium to the canto that contains the lunar episode: "O famelice inique e fiere arpie/ch'all'accecata Italia e d'error piena,/ per punir forse antique colpe rie/in ogni mensa alto giudicio mena
The two paragraph opener and Part I work together as exordium (introduction) and narratio (statement of relevant facts).
The topics covered in this issue and those which serve as the foundation of the basic arguments, mainly Poetics and Hermeneutics, attempt to address the numerous questions that Guerra asks in her exordium.
00--The Verge of Philosophy by John Sallis engages the reader in a contrapuntal fashion, which is quite apropos given that one of its six chapters, if you include the "Introduction or Exordium," is entitled "The Politics of Music.
Then on a similar theme compose an oration in close imitation of his exordium, narration, confirmation, figures, tropes, etc.
While the text is aimed at readers who already have a substantial knowledge of music theory (you may need to know the meaning of exordium and antiphones and polyphony before you proceed), the authors do include a handy explanation of all abbreviations, in addition to several useful indices and supplements at the end.
Marie's allusion in her Prologue to Parable of the Sower, so self-consciously concerned with its own obscurity and reception, suggests that in it she round inspiration for her concern with varying readers' responses, her conception of obscurity leading to greater understanding, and her idea to compose the Lais as a sequence of brief enigmatic and interlinked narratives following a theoretical exordium.
The exordium of the Parson is extraordinarily vigorous:
Seeking the Supreme Succourer's Help by Means of the Exordium.
They open with the exordium, containing the captatio benevolentia to the members of the court, that is the bishops who were going to assemble at Sens (letter 187), and a propositio of the facts, addressed to the Curia as the highest Court (letter 188).
Lowry's recent compositional premieres include Exordium Nobile, commissioned by Paavo Jarvi and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; Children's Tale for Violin, Narrator, and String Orchestra With the Starling Chamber Orchestra; Three Scandalous Dances for Clarinet, Piano and String Quartet and Five Minutes at a Very High Altitude (chamber orchestra for Music from Angel Fire," The Blue Mazda, a cabaret for soprano, piano, cello, percussion and brass, recorded by Grammy-winning producer Andreas Neubronner on Summit Records; incidental music for the plays King Lear and One for the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park; and background music for the Michael Davis multimedia installation at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.