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3) In Rhetorica ad Herennium the following partes orationis are discussed: exordium or introduction, narratio or statement of facts, divisio or division, confirmatio or proof, confutatio or refutation, and conclusio or conclusion (1.
In a complete model there would be invocatio, intitulatio, inscriptio and salutatio in the protocol; prologus or exordium, notificatio or promulgatio, narratio, dispositio, sanctio or minatio and valoratio or corroboratio in the text section; and subscriptio, datatio and apprecatio in the "eschatocof" (11).
1: A, a, a, Domine, quia puer ego sum, et ecce nescio loqui" ("The theme of the exordium may refer to the person of the preacher, for instance when the preacher is a religious of the Order of Friars Preachers or Friars Minor visiting a parish, where both he and his Order are unknown.
3-2- Study acting contrary to the provisions of the Official exordium in matters of marriage and divorce:
inscriptio, exordium, expositio Normas para redactar documentos oficiales.
16) Cicero, De Inventione, exordium (proemium), captatio benevolentiae.
The first sura of the Koran, the Exordium, is very short.
The authorial voice proclaims in the exordium of the novel that "You discovered, on arriving in Hillbrow, that to be drawn away from Tiragalong also went hand-in-hand with a loss of interest in Hillbrow.
The parts of speech are: exordium, narratio, partitio, confirmatio, reprehensio si peroratio.
Death's speech in chapter 18 starts with a proverbial exordium ("Wer von Sachen nicht enweiss, der kan von Sachen nit gesagen," 18.
Accordingly, prayer as oratio has "a likeness to worldly rhetorical speech and being in a likeness and proportion to its parts--namely, the exordium, the narration, the petition, the confirmation, the refutation, and lastly the conclusion" (33).