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An intellectual thought collective might actually concede that, as a corollary of its developed understanding of politics, it would be necessary to maintain an exoteric version of its doctrine for the masses--because that would be safer for the world and more beneficial for ordinary society--but simultaneously hold fast to an esoteric doctrine for a small closed elite, envisioned as the keepers of the flame of the collective's wisdom (Mirowski, 2013: 68).
The worldly powers of exoteric religion, colonization, and the postcolonial nationalist bourgeoisie (effendis) are tyrannical and destructive.
In Part II, Hershock chronicles the significant moments, sects, figures, and practices that constitute what he calls "Public Zen," or the institutional and exoteric aspects of Zen.
4- A, B), demonstrating that the decrease of photosynthesis resulted from the decline of exoteric extent of reaction center that less light was used for photochemical reaction (Hu et al., 2006).
Portnoff points out that Fackenheim seeks to engage in a metaphysical tradition that for Strauss is only exoteric. These concerns, if pressed, would contest the validity of Strauss's whole project.
The Bhaktas rejected polytheism, rejected exoteric rituals and propounded the equality of religions which were merely different paths leading to the same goal of God consciousness.
Separation from externals, this being the way Porphyry addresses this issue in De Abstinentia (external: 1.28, 2.52; exoteric discipline: 1.30; external tumult: 1.34; external concerns: 1.54; external calamity: 1.33) (AdMarcellam, 5 6-8 14 28-0 33) is a process that inspires the philosophic life when men could become 'truly rich' (1.54); 'live truly' (1.31); 'return to what is truly theirs' (ours) and to the 'truly existing thing' (1.29-0) with the love of the true being (1.33) which is literally the only kind of 'true salvation' known to Porphyry forming the true philosopher (Ad Marcellam, 27) who himself honors truth and the true good.
In more exoteric forms of Gnostic speculation there is an initial split between matter and spirit and along with a valuation of the latter a debasement of the former.
If the previous section was the comparative zenith at which the Light of Mary and the Light of Muhammad intersect (the comparison at a transcendent and spiritual level), then this section concerns the enlightened implications on the human plane of such an interpretation (the comparison at an exoteric level).
Observation of responses stated that people usually referred to the public library because they spend lower cost in acquiring health information resources(44%), also 30.5% of the respondents believed that public libraries provide simple and exoteric resources for their users.