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If the barrier separating this hegemonic system from the neighbouring exoteric systems were less formidable, it would be possible to achieve a balanced inter-systemic dialogue rather than the state of mutual unawareness that currently prevails.
With this latest edition, Vikings of the Ice completes a migration from exoteric text to an artefact of local history reclaimed by local producers--a migration that has become increasingly common due to the cultural mandates of some local publishers.
Quiescence and quietude are norms that are expressively wrested from the voice, after all, just as they are from the exoteric, whose (active and outwardly oriented) tie to the utterance orally inflected narrative inherently compels.
As the exoteric doctrines of all the faiths mostly centered on morality and meditation, they differed little in the mundane contexts of the diverse state traditions that, in turn, differ very little, from Vedic injunctions to the Confucian ethics or Buddhist precepts.
Every religion crystallizes after the death of its founder into differentiated exoteric and esoteric institutional forms.
However they are also exoteric insofar as they are give expression to social and religious aspects of the community.
Rather, I attempt more simply to explore how both films consciously re-present key aspects of their ethnographic sources (Nanook of the North and the Thomson photographs) and--by undermining genre expectations, by forging a link from past to present, and by establishing esoteric or community-directed narratives alongside exoteric or general commentary--how they reposition the paradigms of observer and observed while also reclaiming circumscribed indigenous identities.
the religion of the philosophers was, or at least potentially consists in, the exoteric teaching of the philosophers'.
Using the venue of the synagogue to render the Torah into an exoteric text, however, did not define what constitutes a public worship service in contrast to a private study session.
The grail legends embody that tension between the esoteric and exoteric.
I call this general mode "the double hermeneutic," involving a manifest, exoteric, or literal sense and meaning which hides a latent, esoteric, or symbolic sense from the hoi polloi.
While affirming the importance of the exoteric, outward dimension of faith embodied in the shari'a, Sufis believe in the necessity of a spiritual path that emphasizes the esoteric, inner dimension (Waines, 1995).