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Exotically coloured caulifower is being developed by Agrimarc to encourage children to eat more veg.
By throwing in a flamboyantly costumed female singer who acts as Turkish chorus to Mihram's rise and fall, helmer-scribe Hopkins veers toward the exotically folkloric.
We also meet Bierjesus, Titte Klammergass, and other less exotically named minor characters.
In the coastal city of Salvador, revelers got an early start clogging the major avenues to fall in behind bands playing Axe music from atop huge sound trucks and Blocos Afros, featuring hundreds of exotically costume drummers.
The illustrious designer had created exotically edgy costumes for Bojart on a dozen ballets that were re-created for the show, Grazie Gianni con Amore, performed by Bejart Ballet Lausanne (above).
The orchestra, seated on both sides of what resembles a long banquet table, wafts its exotically period sounds into the acoustically welcoming auditorium, their vibrations rising from the seats to the seated and seeming somehow to take flight again from the tops of the listeners' heads.
As characters come to divine that this paradise is just another exotically designed prison, however, it takes on elements of the classic '60s program "The Prisoner.
Their last 32 match is against amateurs Lyon-DuchAre and their exotically named players are Nassim and Thomas rather than Zinedine and Hernan.
When Duncan and his wife Julie first started supplying specialist food stores in Wales, the exotically named La Belle Rouge Gelato di Latte di Bufala, proved a surprise hit with shoppers.
The only complete work to survive is the exotically titled Bazaar of Heraclides, discovered (1895--tr.
101 Cataclysms is a pictorial celebration of cats of different colors, ages and pedigrees, from the exotically hairless Sphynx to the most common American Domestic cat, as such, the book makes for a very unique celebration of diversity around a subject rarely seen from that perspective, and it does give the concept a whole new and refreshing twist, In addition to the deliciously candid photography, Rachel Hale has cleverly interspersed famous "cat quotes" throughout the book to complement the images.
2003), describes YBA as something like Pop art in reverse: Where Pop art consists of high borrowing from low, YBA is fundamentally a low art, "more at home in an everyday media realm"--a low art that appropriates from high art, or, more precisely, from "that exotically fascinating category of commodities labeled 'American Fine Art.