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Those looking for something exotically different would do well to seek out The Eel (New Yorker Films), a Japanese film directed by the internationally respected Shohei Imamura.
Such readers will be partially pleased with the author's current offering, a very unerotic story that works hard at being bizarre and succeeds at being exotically violent.
The settings of these poems often intensify the sense of the world as simulacrum - a faux nineteenth-century ice-cream parlor, a street lined with exotically out-of-place flora, the pseudoneighborhood of a subdivision.
Attaining these exotically high pressures intthe lab enables geophysicists to mimic conditions deep within the Earth and other planets, and provides physicists with valuable experimental checks onttheories about atomic and molecular behavior.
How to put a gardenia to work for you Exotically perfumed and porcelain-petaled, gardenia flowers look like pampered hothouse beauties.
Adding a product touch that will undoubtedly make it stand out in a crowd, the Aurora mALX also features exotically stylish, airbrushed custom paint artwork that boldly implies power and strength.
They include Forbes, Duff, Lumsden and then, exotically, Don Guillermo de Landa y Escamdon, who bought it for his daughter Maria Luz who married into the Arbuthnott-Leslie family.
The exotically named Cudmore Fisheries looked a hellish place, the competitors looked wet and miserable and the bloated carp didn't offer enough sustained resistance.
They produce exotically marked umbels of orchid-like flowers and are available in a wide range of heights, with the very shortest, such as the Little Miss series, being well suited to pot culture.
This represents a 32% decrease in calories and 30% fewer grams of sugar while maintaining Bossa Nova's exotically delicious taste and naturally nutritious profile.
Yep, I've had the exclusive first listen of Alexandra Burke's new single - the, um, exotically named Elephant - and I'm mightily relieved excited to reveal it's a bang-on hit.
The singer wore a skin tight, extremely low cut rubber cat suit as she performed alongside an array of exotically clad dancers, reports the Daily Mail.