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Another kind of exoticism comes to us from associate editor Emily Macel's travels to China around the time of the Olympics.
While Kapor references and builds on the work achieved in Francophone critical studies on exoticism (Moura, Jourda, Mathe, for example), his own contribution to this field is particularly noteworthy insofar as it allows itself to reach into and analyze extracts from a surprisingly wide number of texts, sourced from a variety of key authors around this time--for example, Flaubert, Baudelaire, Fromentin, Gautier and Leconte de Lisle.
First, it will be necessary to link exotic record collecting to the more extensive tradition of utopian exoticism in Western culture--a tradition which is itself in the vibrant state of being rediscovered from the archive of politically disreputable cultural mentalities.
Turning to other instances of the increasingly popular colonial discourse about Africa, Fiedler reads Wilhelm Raabe's novel Abu Telfan (1865) as a literary reponse to this discourse, a critique of German exoticism and European presumptions of cultural superiority, but he argues that Raabe's technique of comparing and contrasting Africa and Germany ultimately reinforces colonial tropes.
A orchestral showpiece to beat the band, It is arguably the apogee of musical exoticism, with Rimsky's Technicolor orchestration offering just about every member of the vast ensemble an opportunity for display -- though none more than the first violinist (in this case, Martin Chalifour), whose role is so great, he is credited as a soloist in the Philharmonic's program.
The author makes it clear that the poetry of griots who included Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, and Sterling Brown crystallized the ideological project to recast "the identities of America's anonymous black masses away from the prevailing imagery of exoticism, romantic folkishness, and minstrel show buffoonery and toward a greater semblance of living, breathing, and proletarian human beings" (178).
He also investigates how more modern figures such as Lorca, Americo Castro and Carlos Saura have viewed not only the images of Spanish exoticism but also how those images have been and are being produced.
Since it is this second tendency which is Marx's real subject, a more precise tide would have been that of his 1996 dissertation--"The Idea of a Colony: Primitivism and Exoticism in Modern Poetry.
Kafka's Travels: Exoticism, Colonialism, and the Traffic of Writing.