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The writer makes clear the exoticness of the image, laughing at the idea of 'Briggs' doing the same on their trip to Queensland.
The transliterated name, "Ann" (anni) plus "Baby" (baobei), suggests a sense of exoticness, cuteness, and feminineness.
The image of exoticness is created, diffused, and reified through tourist pamphlets, guide books, word of mouth, and one of the most global technologies, the Internet (Pritchard and Morgan 117).
We'll examine them in ascending order of exoticness.
He does seem to think, however, that this judicial approach to the assessment of credibility somehow supports his claims about contingency and negotiability in Islamic and Arab legal culture, and the ultimate otherness and exoticness of Arabs and Muslims.
At the same time, there may be a direct appeal to a nationalistic spirit within the local market or an exoticness or recognition of the formal appeal of the motif internationally.
I'd gone there for work (I was interviewing a band) and was, naturally, very excited at the exoticness of it all, visiting the country of karoake and shrink-wrapped school girls' pants.
Kaplan points out that although "regional inhabitants could also be rendered as exotically other," their exoticness was "more familiar and less threatening" than the foreignness of the "feared flood of immigrants" (1991:251).
The first is a case study of the images, realities, and experiences of the now-famous traffic jams in Bangkok, with a strong focus on the exoticness or otherwise of traffic jams in the experience of Western tourists.
Jiuhuashan is one of China's four sacred Buddhist mountains, and while we were going there to watch production of "Buddha Tea," we were spellbound by the exoticness of this place.
Martin, now bad boy Steve in EastEnders, reckoned the band was like "a trip to Benidorm" with all the same class and exoticness.