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Invitation to Bid: Brazilian peppertree and exotic tree/vegetation removal services
Thanks to stellar customer service and distinguished clientele, Miami Exotic Car Rentals is the preferred destination for renting luxury and performance exotics.
We have very active avian, wildlife, and exotics clubs on campus that organize plenty of lunch lectures, field trips, and wet labs, and a symposium every year.
It's a different story for many mainstream exotics, however.
Some exotics can become invasive species, or animals with no natural predators that put pressure on native plants and animals.
When dealing with exotics, laws become far more complicated.
While most buyers in this market aren't considering the purchase of an exotic car as an investment, depreciation is a consideration, especially in this market where it can be particularly brutal (see sidebar "Exotics as Investments").
Queeley describes exotics as eccentric--and offers advice on how to handle and display such flora:
The legislation prohibits the interstate and foreign commerce of dangerous exotics such as lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars and cougars for use as pets.
Sadly specialist rescue centres are full of abandoned exotics which are difficult to re-home.
5-50 hectares) on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, the larger of these lagoons are more impacted by exotics because they have larger drainages upstream that support freshwater exotic, primarily mosquitofish, sunfishes and black basses, and catfishes.