expand upon

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The companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to agree on a joint feasibility study to expand upon a previous three-party agreement with CVRD (Compania Vale do Rio Doce S.
In his seventh question, al-Biruni asks: if things expand upon heating and contract upon cooling, why does a flask filled with water break when water freezes in it?
This updated edition includes further research of original documents, photos, and interviews to expand upon Ella's life.
Bruce has a track record of strengthening customer and vendor relationships, while building upon fundamental values of quality products and superior customer service," says Fred Austin, who adds that Farnsworth will look to continue and expand upon the company's reputation and success.
TEI representatives met with LMSB Commissioner Larry Langdon, Division Counsel Linda Burke, and other IRS officials in August to discuss the change in policy, as well as to review an IRS draft of Qs&As that seeks to clarify and expand upon the announcement.
Jeffrey Stevenson, president of both VS&A CP II and III, said "we will use (our) significant resources in B2B trade magazines and trade shows, and the business information industry to expand upon the tremendous foundation PBI has built over the years.
This is where you can expand upon your command's accomplishments in a more descriptive fashion, and include other less tangible events.
The new division will expand upon the company's current commercial holdings, which include Summit Plaza in Hackensack.