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To evaluate the expandability of the prepared microcapsules, the change in volume of a specified amount of microcapsules loaded in a cup was measured by varying the temperature with a Thermomechanical Analyser (TMA2940 TA Instruments Inc.
Once you've decided on a processor, expandability is your next concern.
And it's in those organizations that ZDS' built-in expandability and connectivity are so crucial.
System Provides Professionals with Unmatched Speed, Storage, Quality and Expandability
Also, the Quasar platform is said to be a flexible and yet simple to maintain system which allows easy expandability and upgrades in the future with additional load cells, grips, extensometers, temperature chambers, software updates, micrometers and other peripheral accessories.
By combining Spectra Logic's libraries with Syncsort's Backup Express we are able to provide customers with unmatched flexibility, expandability and data life cycle management in the enterprise at a very competitive price.
Sony Learning Systems and Language Learning Software products offer versatility, expandability, and a broad price range.
It is about four basic principles: simplicity, expandability, mobility and wearability.
ROUND ROCK, Texas -- Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) today launched a new premier desktop PC, the Studio XPS 435, built around elite performance, expandability and a bold design.
Said to be representing superior thermal analysis results, with options for expandability, the TA technology is said to offer unmatched sensitivity in laboratory environments.
In addition to its modular appearance, the Magnia Z300 also provides optimum expandability, featuring the latest technology including available Wi-Fi (802.
And also ideal for customers seeking expandability, upgradeability, service and support to protect their investment.