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In addition to the TMA expandability measurements, visual observation experiments were conducted (17-19).
And the Blackfin's expandability will allow us to easily update the software algorithm the AfibAlert uses to analyze the patient's heart data."
UCDs have massive flash memory data storage capability, which provides easy expandability for future Army training requirements.
Indianapolis-based Integral Technologies has added new DigitalSENTRY 3.0 software to its DS XPress Digital Video Management System to improve its expandability, compatibility, and integration capability.
The tester provides resistance measurements from 0.3 [ohm] to 10 M[ohm], expandability to 2,072 test points, and more than nine 128-point scans/s to detect varying resistance during mechanical stress tests.
Voorhees also recommends assessing a company's long-term goals prior to setting up a processing system, considering the expandability of the system and the equipments' ability to keep up with increasing volumes of incoming material.
The Isra Smash Web is a modular system that combines superior capability, speed and expandability. The open architecture allows the real-time inspection information to be interfaced with PLCs, control systems and networks.
These products give a low entry-cost module with expandability of up to 40 channels in DWDM networks.
While older servers' computing capability might be adequate, their storage subsystems may be obsolete, due to lack of expandability or aging reliability.
This allows for virtually unlimited expandability without the need to add ever-faster central processors that need ever-higher network bandwidth to each drive.
In addition to a 667 MHz Crusoe TM5500 processor, it has a built-in PCMCIA, PCI slot expandability, and 192 MB or 256 MB Flash ROM standard, or 512 MB optional.
The Tungsten E features 32MB of RAM, a high-resolution color display, updated core applications, multimedia software, and expandability through cards or add-on accessories.