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If Alabama had expanded Medicaid five years ago, it could have yielded a $935 million net increase in tax revenue for the state, and could have led to approximately 12,000 new jobs across all sectors of Alabamas economy in 2016 alone.
Construction of the expanded terminal building started in June last year and completed early this month.
For adults aged 36-54 years, the situation was similar: The uninsured rate in states that expanded Medicaid went from 15.7% in 2013 to 10.5% in 2014, or 5.2 percentage points, while the rate dropped from 21.4% to 17.4%, or 4 percentage points, in states that did not expand Medicaid, the report noted.
Expanded Homicide Data Table 2--"Murder Victims by Age, Sex, and Race, 2012"
and Edgetrade.com relocated and expanded. Whereas, New Amsterdam/ Law Max relocated and expanded and National Medical Fellowships relocated and reduced its lease; making the buildings total leasing activity 80,000 s/f for 2006.
Pharmacies ultimately became key providers of emergency contraception services through clients of Take Charge (a program developed under a Medicaid waiver that expanded access to family planning services).
* TEI will explore expansion of the Institute's distance-learning offerings to include online programs to provide in-house tax professionals with expanded learning opportunities and more flexible scheduling.
The company expanded into rotary thermoforming because it "couldn't be competitive forming one sheet at a time," explains John Goldman.
The content of the new radio report has also been expanded to include more health-related news and advice, which is so critical to the African American community.
To that end, Geary has continuously expanded her company's equipment fleet and diversified its capabilities.
In my study, utilizing an expanded function dental assistant increased the number of patients seen in a day by 30-50%.