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Regarding the failed cases, volumetric analysis was only done for the case in which late expansion fail occurred (Case 2), taking into consideration that the postexpansion alginate impression for this case was taken two weeks after failed expander removal.
Bowlus, "Rotary piston expander engine," in Proceedings of the 11th ICECEC, pp.
It is important to redefine the edge of the pocket and the inframammary fold position, comparing them with the size of the expander previously chosen.
It was estimated that using the available heat exchanger and expander technologies, steam RC can offer up to 4% thermal efficiency improvement while organic RC can provide up to 5% thermal efficiency improvement since the heat released by the engine cooling circuit can be better recovered by organic fluids besides the waste heat from exhaust gas.
But in our setup tissue expander were provided by government on regular basis.
13 November 2015 - US-based Hammond Group, Inc., a producer of lead oxides, expanders, and specialty chemicals for lead-acid batteries, has acquired 100% ownership of Malaysian chemical producer Asia Litharge Sdn Bhd, the company said.
This can be achieved with a valved clearance volume that straddles both cylinders and an expander that lags the compressor by, say, 30[degrees].
During the reversible bursting process, a Grundocrack straight barrel tool, equipped with a front expander is placed into the host pipe at an entry pit or manhole.
The number of expander units in service in this application in Europe is now over 70.
where w represents strain energy density, [I.sub.1] represents the first strain invariant, [[lambda].sub.1], [[lambda].sub.2], and [[lambda].sub.3] are the stretch variables, respectively, in directions x, y, z, and a, and b represents parameter s of the expander. Because scalp constitutive model is a superelastic material model and W = W([I.sub.1], [I.sub.2], [I.sub.3]), the scalp is defined as superelastic material in this paper.
In 1982 Austad and Rose developed the first self-inflating tissue expander composed of hypertonic, saturated saline, which was abandoned.
Two tissue expanders were used in most of the cases (62.5%) and three tissue expanders were used in 25% cases whereas single tissue expander was used in only two cases.