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The implant contains no batteries and all power is provided inductively by the hand-held dosage controller, which operates a first-of-its-kind microvalve to release gas from a reservoir contained within the expander.
The scroll expander was selected because the efficiency of displacement type expanders is relatively high for small power outputs with minimal components compared to a turbine expander.
Table-II: Shapes and numbers of expanders used in reconstruction of scalp burn alopecia (n=30).
Laser beam expanders are used within laser systems to expand or increase the size of a collimated beam.
Patients must regularly attend the surgeon's office over a period of weeks or months to receive a series of saline injections through the breast region and into the tissue expander.
As analyses of gas distribution networks have shown, there is a need for economically priced expanders of less than 500kW to satisfy a large potential market in local gas distribution systems.
Two tissue expanders were used in most of the cases (62.
Our results demonstrated that the treatments performed with the tooth-tissue-borne and tooth-borne expanders promoted a transversal increase of the maxilla and separation of the midpalatal suture, as also demonstrated by other authors.
Therefore the model could predict the performance of twin screw expanders successfully and it was very useful for the expander design and research.
A twin screw combined compressor and expander for [CO.
One can connect as many disks as desired through expanders or port multipliers to achieve connectivity or availability through a RAID volume.
High-port count SAS expanders will provide the necessary performance and spindle densities required for next-generation server attached storage arrays and SATA storage systems," said Jeremey Donovan, vice president and chief analyst at Gartner Dataquest.