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This transaction also provides HGI an exceptional opportunity to introduce our Freedom Line and K2 Expanders to serve growing Asian demand for high performance expanders, especially the emerging market for partial state-of-charge (PSoC) solutions.
Used in Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, and fiber lasers for cutting, welding, marking, and drilling applications, RMI's new laser beam expanders are available in standard and custom specifications.
alone, the current market for tissue expanders is approximately 120,000 units per year; however, many women are still not fully informed of their reconstruction rights and options.
In fact, it is merely an extension of using expanders in gas processing plants.
It is well known that injected oil considerably affects the thermodynamic processes in twin screw expanders.
As the efficiency of the expander evolves, the application of the expander certainly becomes one such pathway.
One can connect as many disks as desired through expanders or port multipliers to achieve connectivity or availability through a RAID volume.
High-port count SAS expanders will provide the necessary performance and spindle densities required for next-generation server attached storage arrays and SATA storage systems," said Jeremey Donovan, vice president and chief analyst at Gartner Dataquest.
With Twice the Capacity of Other DVR Expansion Systems, Apricorn's DVR Expander Makes More Space for HDTV
The fiber optic beam expander market is currently dominated by the Galilean beam expanders.
The contract is the supply of nitrile gloves and vinyl and anatomical expanders and breast implants described in detail in the tender forms Packages from No.