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Both writers in these comments are reformulating an argument that had been made several decades earlier by Walter Benjamin in his essay "The Storyteller," in which it is argued that storytelling is the antithesis of information, because information thrives on containment and limitation ("prompt verifiability") while good storytelling is characterized by expansibility and ambiguity.
In between, I would spend a good deal of time analyzing performance requirements, the software mix, the need for sophisticated LAN utilities more likely to be available on server-based LANs, ease of use of CD-ROM, and any other specialized types of hardware, ease of learning, ease of administration, cost initially and through a life-cycle that includes several rounds of software upgrades, and expansibility.
Balgowan, Evaluation of the Accuracy, Reliability, Effectiveness, Expansibility, and Additional Potential Benefits of the SCAN 16 EF Moisture, Frost and Early Warning System.
The company turned its attention to the expansibility of mobile communication fields as soon as they appeared, setting mobile communication as the pillar of the businesses; it has contributed to the development of the current mobile computing making the best use of its knowledge and the experience accumulated over the long period of time.
On the other hand, we can improve the expansibility of copula model, strengthen the ability of joint application with other analytic methods, so as to improve they usage of practical application.
Note that the case of multiple GPUs in a single node (single PC) is only discussed because of its good expansibility (e.
Expansibility requires excess capacity during peacetime and top-heavy organizations to provide foundations for expansion.
ZTE s solution will enable Telkom Indonesia to maximize the value of their investment by lowering total cost of ownership, delivering high flexibility, scalability and expansibility, in addition to improved reliability and security, easier maintenance and more efficient network operations, administration and management (OA&M), enabling super-long-haul transmission, and excellent 100G transmission capability.
Hardware platform is the foundation of the whole system, its usability, reliability, expansibility and high-speed access is the most basic requirements.
2007) but rarely analysed scientifically, mostly because these investigations are rather recent and time is needed to make conclusions about sustainability and expansibility of any proposed model.
1,2,3-97 Standard used before 2008, which is related to the improvement of calculation technique for discharge coefficient of pressure differential device and for gas expansibility factor.
According to Flory theory [15], the expansibility of hydrogel depends on the infiltration pressure between the exterior and interior of the network.