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Had one been there to watch the countenance of Mahtoree, as he crossed the water that separated him from the most formidable and the most hated of all his rivals, he might have fancied that he could trace the gleamings of a secret joy, breaking through the cloud which deep cunning and heartless treachery had drawn before his swarthy visage; and yet there would have been moments, when he might have believed that the flashings of the Teton's eye and the expansion of his nostrils, had their origin in a nobler sentiment, and one more worthy of an Indian chief.
Sparsit's Coriolanian nose underwent a slight expansion of the nostrils, and her black eyebrows contracted as she took a sip of tea.
Whether an exceedingly small expansion of eye be sufficient to quell paupers, who, being lightly fed, are in no very high condition; or whether the late Mrs.
Into the sheet of water reflecting the flushed sky in the foreground of the living picture, a knot of urchins were casting stones, and watching the expansion of the rippling circles.
But the heart refuses to be imprisoned; in its first and narrowest pulses, it already tends outward with a vast force and to immense and innumerable expansions.
As a result, the research determined that the aluminum fill temperature must be closely controlled with these two systems to ensure against unbonded sand at the mold-metal interface and expansion defects.
A 100,000-square-foot expansion at the Timmins Square is waiting for a green light from the municipality.
By the same token, water-blown beads need extra help during pre-expansion, so Nova applies a slight vacuum in the pre-expander, which causes the air pressure inside the bead to add expansion force.
The requirement that the waiver demonstration projects must be statewide may prevent states from piloting expansion programs in regions or limited areas.
Until 1998, the standard theory of cosmology held that, ever since the Big Bang, gravity's tug has slowed the expansion of the universe.
Be clear about the indicators you will use, along with a time frame, to decide if the expansion plan should be continued, reengineered, or suspended.
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 16, 2006 - (JCN) - JFE Steel Corporation and Metal One Corporation have been appointed as the sole suppliers of line pipe for the Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline Expansion Project (DBNGP) Stage 5A Expansion Project.