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Now with the support of RLH, we are excited to do so even more expansively against an ever evolving healthcare landscape.
After a turbulent 2009, they have rediscovered the ability to win (either expansively or tough)and Lewis Moody and Sam Vesty, the two summer signings from the champion Tigers, have slipped seamlessly into the side.
There's been a definite shift in emphasis from the autumn, where we tried to play too expansively.
Most individuals become relaxed and talkative, while some - particularly persons who are introverted while sober - become expansively extroverted and aggressive.
They've coasted through these early games, not playing expansively, with the defence appearing tighter than ever.
Activists and hacktivists have stepped into the space vacated by video, whose expansively utopian and activist potential has been depoliticized, as "video art," much like photography before it, was removed from wide public address by its incarceration in museum mausoleums and collectors' cabinets.
Others argue that, even read most expansively, Sarbanes-Oxley does not go far enough, and further legislation is needed to expressly ban audit firms from providing any non-audit services.
Both attempted to play expansively but were regularly penalised by Cornish referee David May for offside or handling on the ground.
An expansively flavoured gin, Tanqueray has been distilled four times to generate a soft, chilled-out ambience.
Although the '60s - that great blob of a decade most expansively defined as beginning with Kennedy's inauguration and ending with Nixon hopping a helicopter to San Clemente - were arguably the high-watermark of liberalism, contemporary liberals seem content to skip over the period.
One of New York's most expansively skylighted lofts, 665 Broadway's 12th floor represents an extraordinary space for a gallery, studio, or other creative showplace.
Now it may be that Van Gaal is playing a system that he believes suits the competence of his players, and that he would be instructing them to play more expansively if he thought they were up to it, but he thinks they are not up to it, hence the turgid offering that United fans are getting cheesed off with, and for which they will, sooner or later be unforgiving.