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One wishes Field had developed some of these themes more expansively.
Lindsay Paul, board chairman, suggested that the board "brainstorm expansively and specifically" to improve upon the five goals.
Expansively and prolific poet Glenn Sheldon has now released his first comprehensive collection of poetry called "Bird Scarer".
Expansively proportioned, the homes of 535 West End Avenue range from 3,753 to 13,825 s/f of extravagant space designed with exquisite detailing and a quietly sumptuous splendor.
If he had taken the trouble to write more expansively about such matters, then his impressive array of photos would have been provided with a much more enriching context.
After a first-half of few chances both sides began to play more expansively after the break.
The Caspian region encompasses the littoral states Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan, but sometimes the region is viewed expansively to include Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and even Afghanistan.
Yet even though the match was played in horrendous conditions, both teams played expansively and thoroughly entertained the crowd.
Coulter sets the case out more expansively, however.
It ought to concern us just as much that we are producing too many mere specialists--too many narrowly (or under-) educated graduates who are unprepared to think as expansively as true "knowledge workers" must or to participate fully in democratic life, and too many academics who are unwilling to venture beyond the confines of the academy to the larger world of the public square.
Expansively detailing the troubles faced with a return to schooling, Designing Residential Wilderness Programs For Adults guides readers through relevant issues, values, relationships, pursuits, as well as offering an practical suggestions for the successful design and experience oriented learning processes through various established residential programs.
Supplying an expansively illustrative content of examples, studies, in-depth detailing, Working With Parents Makes Therapy Work covers diverse but common situations with fathers, divorcees', various family structures, communication modes, family secrets and loyalty ideals, and provides germane discussions on the value of a parent's involvement of their teen's life.