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When we returned to the actual score, playing it as written, she was able to transfer to it the qualities of expansiveness, freedom and clarity she experienced during the exercise.
But essayists walk a fine line between indulging in a companionable expansiveness and prolixity, and that line gets crossed in much of Booking Passage.
As the boat left the shore, the ritual unfolded, remaining scrupulously close to the Roman liturgy, albeit with the expansiveness of inclusive language.
He favored brisk tempi and grand musical gestures while always remaining sensitive to the expansiveness of the music and the points of repose.
But Enya, who has been stalked in the past, grew concerned that the expansiveness would leave her open to attack.
Because Watt argues that the novel of formal realism features a specific selection of elements embedded in a particular kind of ordering structure, I often recruit the structuralist premises of paradigmatic and syntagmatic relations to help students comprehend the potential expansiveness of his theoretical design.
SHAMED TV football pundit and former serial football club manager ``Big'' Ron Atkinson,celebrated as much for his larky expansiveness and chunky gold jewellery as any outstanding tactical genius, will be wanting to make himself as small as possible in forthcoming days.
The reprinting of Chances Are Few, with new poems, displays the aesthetic range and formal expansiveness of one of our greatest poets and teachers.
Olga Slavnikova offers the first chapter of a novel about a certain Krylov's early life, zany and perverse amid the spiritual expansiveness of the Urals.
The Hansen Dam area makes sense because of its expansiveness and the success we've had running community events there,'' said Arias, appointed in June as one of five new members of the fair board.