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And here I will digress a moment to make a single remark on a subject of which popular feeling, in America, under the influence of popular habits, is apt to take an exparte view.
Justice Maha, after listening to the submissions on the exparte motion, ordered that the respondents (AGF and EFCC) be served with the court processes within 48 hours and should appear before the court yesterday to show cause why they should not be restrained.
The applicant, Mr Musa Baba-panya, who was also the counsel in the case, had, on Thursday, approached the court with an exparte motion, asking the court to stop the president from going ahead on the inauguration.
L'avocat du DSS, Godwin Agbadua, avait demande le 6 aout par une ordonnance exparte au tribunal d'acceder a la demande de l'agence de detenir Sowore pendant 90 jours, a la suite de son arrestation pour avoir dirige le mouvement de protestation du 5 aout.
in cases of emergency or in cases where the circumstances do not admit of the serving in due time of a notice upon the person against whom the order is directed, be passed, exparte.
The notice said that the citizens have been informed in this respect several times and now they are being informed finally that they should remove the encroachments within three days otherwise exparte action will be initiated and CDA will not be responsible for any loss.
The government argued that the suspension ordered by Justice Chacha Mwita in May was erroneous as it was heard and determined exparte.
(ExParte WH at paragraph 29 had already laid down the requirement that 'a detailed list of surrogacy expenses with sufficient specificity should be provided').
During the inquiry it was suggested that the accused Fazal Inam Sabir gifted Fazal Arshad a total of 732 kanal shamlat land from Moza Mughal Pari through unregistered gift deed and obtained an exparte degree from court in his favour.
Estelito Mendoza wrote dour exparte letters dated September 13, 16, 20 and 22, 2011, addressed to the Clerk of Court of the Supreme Court.
Most summons are not served properly and courts pass exparte decrees against persons who do not even have the slightest idea that case has been instituted against him.
Chief Justice Tun Raus Sharif, who chaired a three-man court panel, dismissed the PKR de facto leader's exparte application for issuance of an 'order to produce' to enable him to attend the hearing of his leave application, which had been set for April 23, to commence the constitutional challenge.