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In a tortured majority opinion upholding the law, Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes wrote that economic emergencies do not create new power under the Constitution, but then proceeded to expatiate on a five-part test for circumstances when it did.
In this special edition, the African Journal of Reproductive Health focusses on the implications of the goals for the sub-Saharan African region, especially to expatiate on how countries in the region can achieve the milestones outlined in the SDGs.
Alex Jones from Deloitte, an expert in US expatiate tax issues, speak on this important topic, stated Mr.
The author employs the dialectical correlation between power and powerlessness to expatiate on the complexities of the globalization phenomenon.
This pope honestly believed that his knowledge and God-given authority gave him the ability to expatiate on world government, technology, astronomy, television and sex--to name a few topics.
This makes easier to expatiate on the "miles to go" tryst of India's first Prime Minister, on May 27, 1964, the day he died a frustrating person thanks to the Chinese attack on unprepared India in October 1962 and its aftershocks (the latest being last month with their incursion deep 19 km into Ladakh).
Rosensaft, general counsel and vice-president of the WJC, called Elan a renaissance man who could expatiate on history, philosophy, sports, and a dozen other disparate subjects and bring them all to bear upon dealing with the famous and the infamous in his brilliant negotiations on behalf of the Jewish people.
There is perhaps a tendency to expatiate too lengthily on the theories which are drawn upon to illuminate Walser's work, and there are explanations which seem unnecessary for potential readers of this particular study (for example, the Feuilleton, the background to the Tell legend).
Indeed, Jackal had a smooth tongue, could make quite a favorable speech, and could expatiate on the backwardness of others to great effect.
of athletic training upon which I am uniquely unqualified to expatiate,
As bees In spring time, when the sun with Taurus rides, Pour forth their populous youth about the hive In clusters: they among fresh dews and flowers Fly to and fro, or on the smoothed plank, The suburb of their straw-built citadel, New rubbed with balm, expatiate and confer Their state affairs.
Relentless insistence on the personal can become intrusive, of course; having watched each author expatiate in their first chapter on how she came to love Britain's railways, should we really have to suffer lots more long quotes from 'Gayle' and 'Gillian' (as solo arias and duets) later on?