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Tom's cabin was shut up for the present; but George expatiated brilliantly on ornaments and additions to be made to it when Tom came back.
With an expressive, eloquent thumb Philip expatiated on the charming work.
Things got steady again directly, and while Maud expatiated on the great surprise, Polly ventured to look at Tom, feeling glad that her back was toward the light, and his was not.
Then, the matrons again expatiated on the expediency of taking the good gentleman to bed; observing that he would be better tomorrow, and that they knew what was the wear and tear of some men's minds when their wives were taken as Mrs Kenwigs had been that day, and that it did him great credit, and there was nothing to be ashamed of in it; far from it; they liked to see it, they did, for it showed a good heart.
Thus spoke India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, master of the diplomatic hug fest, in a recent TV interview where he expatiated on what constitutes India's foreign policy, or at least his understanding of it.
After an expert has expatiated in detail on the disease du jour, the guest medico answers all sorts of questions from viewers about what ails them or a relative.
Samsung's troubles were expatiated by the bungled launch of its latest phablet, Galaxy Note 7 - with its exploding battery.