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Expatiating further on this, Darah writes, "Indeed, the whole business of Udje was conducted as a kind of verbal warfare, battles of songs" (vii).
After letting the Americans crawl out on a limb, expatiating on their cover story, Russia sawed it off.
He was just expatiating on his victory and reeling off Latin names--they might have been Hebrew for all I cared--when I stopped him, and told him to get as quick as he could to the right flanking company and hurry them up.
The author's expatiating instinct can occasionally seem prolix, but it rewards the reader again and again with unexpected discovery.
Open Plan Living" was accordingly self-consciously situated as a fluid, temporary sketch of a structure that might productively house the future incarnations of Art TLV--a fitting, almost expatiating strategy for a nation dealing with the dissonance between its lofty ideological roots and their present manifestation.
71) Another 'letter' praises Pescennius Niger, expatiating on his appointment to a similar command position.
Dear Julius" I've been cogitating, Long before expatiating, On the hopeless alterations, In our mutual relations; Having mounted in position, To a loftier condition, And because I cannot flattah I must say you are "non grata.
Those who lived most in intimacy with him" Boswell would write in the Life of Johnson, "heard him upon all occasions, when there was a proper opportunity, take delight in expatiating upon the various merits of the English Poets; upon the niceties of their characters, and the events of their progress through the world which they contributed to illuminate.
The court saw things differently, expatiating upon the "right to access to information" that was implied by the First Amendment (2) (a right that the library community came to celebrate as the "freedom to read").