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Yet it is this very same searching quality as revealed through the asceticism of Chimes at Midnight when seen against the relatively opulent production values of Citizen Kane that compels our concentration upon his exploration of the ideologies behind his selections from Shakespeare's ouevre, and can thus be seen as a significant realization of the extraordinary potential of his landmark first effort--the expatiation of an intuitively cinematic impulse toward the creation of narrative.
17) Julio Baena compares Laurencia's monologue with Flores's expatiation on the murder of the Comendador (1966-2013) in 'Tener voz y dar voces en una audiencia: dos discursos procesales en Fuenteovejuna', Bulletin of the Comediantes, 42 (1990), 143-54.
I have attempted to relieve this density by means of an expatiation through some of Lonergan's source texts in the context of a consideration of his evolving appreciation of mysticism.
Unlike a map, which requires teacher expatiation and risks being channelled to secular ends, the language in a textbook is immutable and can verifiably be confined to a secular approach: "[L]egislatures can require that texts deal only with subjects taught in public schools.
317) See Sundby, supra note 278, at 1557 (suggesting that few notions "reverberate at the core of the human psyche as strongly" as those of redemption, expatiation, and absolution).
The expatiation will improve circulation and connections among the existing buildings and add a new building to house at least part of the permanent collection.
Ivins's expatiation of the increase in the filth tolerated makes your eyes water as much as the Houston air would.
A syllogistic expatiation would be invoked by someone who says: "Well, John is an inhibited person, and inhibited persons behave aggressively after drinking.