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The expectable functional requirements are those the customers expect, but not necessary.
The first is that although ASRs of all types may be expectable and highly common--perhaps even universal in the context of sufficiently intense stressors--and that the great majority of persons who experience ASR or COSR recover, everyone who experiences ASR or COSR is at increased risk for PTSD and other behavioral disorders, as well as suicide, endangering others' lives, and potentially catastrophic failure of occupational or social functioning.
the strongest expectable quake as well as the interdependence between the strength and the frequency of the quake.
Some parents react to expectable lies by becoming more controlling - especially in adolescence.
Such position should be determined by exploring expectable effectiveness of actions performed on the basis of the enterprise's competitive potential and which could be considered as the strength of the ability to compete--the enterprise's possibilities to successfully participate in the competitive struggle.
Since information and consultations with the public happen from the very beginning, at the initial stage, when " ideas just fly in the air", public feedback is heard, and concerns are taken onto account, a YIMBY-type response is much more expectable, and vice versa.
The expectable associations with both socioeconomic and anthropometric markers (e.
The Leapfrog consistency rate (81-86 percent) and the HIMSS consistency rate (62-78 percent) are either within, or approaching, the generally expectable rate of 80-90 percent (Hennekens and Buring 1987).
This is expectable since at bachelor level, usually students do not publish papers and are not familiar with publishing issues.
The United Kingdom has already shown a relatively high compliance with the objectives of the EES (Mailand 2008) before its implementation, therefore its expectable effects are low.
NCJ 178240, EYEWITNESS EVIDENCE: A GUIDE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT (1999) [hereinafter DOJ GUIDE] (stating, diplomatically, that such identifications are "not infallible," although this reserved characterization is reasonably expectable in materials created by or for law enforcement); Acker & Bonventre, supra note 3; Roy S.
By determining an optimal epsilon to the RL process, a more effective and efficient learning behavior is expectable.