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2003) consists of four determinants: performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social expectance and facilitating conditions.
After upgrade it allows providing the maximum objective of mathematical expectance and increase in aeronautical system potential effectiveness, within an uncertain amount, dates of financing, a deadline, and upgrade budget limitations.
We will use a life expectance of 95 years in doing this analysis
Therefore, the growth expectance of that crop creates opportunities for ruminant production through the potential availability of the main byproducts: castor pie and meal.
Interviewer Sheila, nowadays, all the science, and all the changes in health, we are discussing a lot about prevention, based a lot on risk factors, to prevent diseases and to increase the life expectance of the population, and based on the prevention discourse, we started to organize a lot of educational practices in health, telling people what they should do, what kind of things they should avoid.
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said no one could dare to disrespect a Turkish ambassador, expressing Turkey's expectance from Israel to stick to diplomatic rules.
It is a simple extension to postulate that the apparent relationship between life expectance and income per person could be modeled with a simple line.
Manco Mitevski from Utrinski vesnik wonders on what kind of patriotism is the fact based on that the country has made no progress in years regarding the euro-Atlantic integration while a great part of citizens waste their last reserve of human dignity before the expectance of poverty and frustration not able to publically say what they are unsatisfied from.
Though it's not immediately clear how many supporters are coming with the six heads but SPLM members jubilated in expectance of huge supports ahead of April 2010 general elections.
Their increased health problems means some of them are cutting their life expectance to less than that of their parents.
Research has found that professional school counselors with higher levels of outcome expectance for CDSCPs (belief that CDSCP implementation will lead to positive results) are more likely to be working to implement such programs (Scarborough & Culbreth).