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You will have no objection, I dare say, to your great expectations being encumbered with that easy condition.
That person is the person from whom you derive your expectations, and the secret is solely held by that person and by me.
You must know that, although I have used the term "expectations" more than once, you are not endowed with expectations only.
It would all come out in good time, I observed, and in the meanwhile nothing was to be said, save that I had come into great expectations from a mysterious patron.
The believing is a specific feeling or sensation or complex of sensations, different from expectation or bare assent in a way that makes the belief refer to the past; the reference to the past lies in the belief-feeling, not in the content believed.
His dull expectation of the usual disagreeable routine with an aged patient--who can hardly believe that medicine would not "set him up" if the doctor were only clever enough--added to his general disbelief in Middlemarch charms, made a doubly effective background to this vision of Rosamond, whom old Featherstone made haste ostentatiously to introduce as his niece, though he had never thought it worth while to speak of Mary Garth in that light.
The rest of his letter is only about his dear Charlotte's situation, and his expectation of a young olive-branch.
Marianne was of no use on these occasions, as she would never learn the game; but though her time was therefore at her own disposal, the evening was by no means more productive of pleasure to her than to Elinor, for it was spent in all the anxiety of expectation and the pain of disappointment.
I had no expectation of seeing him, and we were both surprised when we met on the express.
Tax laws have in vain been multiplied; new methods to enforce the collection have in vain been tried; the public expectation has been uniformly disappointed, and the treasuries of the States have remained empty.
very low expectations (score of 8-9); Relatively low expectations (score of 10-11); Moderate expectations (score of 12); Relatively high expectations (score of 13-14); and Very high expectations (score of 15-16).
Synopsis: When our expectations are met and things go according to plan, we feel accomplished, in control, and on track.