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EXPECTATION. That which may be expected, although contingent. In the doctrine of life annuities, that share or number of the years of human life which a person of a given age may expect to live, upon an equality of chances.
     2. In general, the heir apparent will be relieved from a contract made in relation to his expectancy. See Post Obit.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This 5-minute counting interval was the best one to bring to the fore expectative behavior, if it exists, by counting the ants present on the food site a little before the time of the food delivery and also the ants expecting food delivery and staying in the surrounding of the food site or watching the food delivery at a nest entrance and coming at that time.
In descending order, students provided answers that indicated understanding of the expectative component (n = 182, 89%), the attributive component (n = 166, 81%), and the affective component (n = 160, 78%) of the perception process.
The result may be explained by a low expectative formation during pre-shift phase, for an alteration of the HPA axis, a serotonergic system deficit, or a combination of all these factors.
The chief Expectative Officer has said that TESCO has installed 20/26 MVA Power Transformer in 132 KV Grid Station Mir Ali at a cost of Rs.
Taking into account an expectative increase of prices for fuel oil in near future, the biodiesel can be utilized only as a compounding additive to the dyed diesel fuel, if no subsidies to be foreseen.
88) that "a moral founded on reciprocity and an ethic based on universality will justly fail before this social conflict situation and future expectative".
The life expectative of battery of these devices can be measured in hours or weeks.

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