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This amount is expected to drop to 115,000 tons in '96, as automotive demand for machine tools decreases.
For the period up to the year 2000, elastomer consumption is expected to follow the trend of the past 15 years or so for most regions.
This steady market is expected to be achieved, although housing starts and construction activity are projected to slip 1% in 1995.
EROC believes the use of this cash for its growth projects, with their expected EBITDA contributions, will benefit all of our unitholders.
building activity and exports to Third World countries, pipe production is expected to reach 1.
Total exploration and abandonment expense during the fourth quarter of 2006 is expected to be $128 million to $133 million.
Domestic demand of polybutadiene and EPDM is expected to grow by 2% in 1995 over 1994, but register annual growth of less than 1% through 2000.
cars and light trucks are expected to use aluminum heads by 1992, and 88% are expected to use them by 1998.
Jankowski noted: "Notable growth in NR consumption is expected to occur in the CIS where for geopolitical reasons SR consumption has been favored over NR.
Based on lower than initially expected second-half revenues, we expect pro forma operating margins to be in the high single digits in the second half of the fiscal year and approximately 7.
Preliminary net revenues for the fourth quarter of 2006 for the Company's Domestic Rehabilitation, Regeneration and International segments are expected to show growth rates, compared to the prior year, of approximately 35 percent, 12 percent and 184 percent, respectively, reflecting the Company's successful growth strategies, as well as contributions from the Company's 2006 Axmed and Aircast acquisitions.