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The actual frequency of the first digit of the revenue follows the expected frequency by Benford's law and is statistically significant for the insurance companies in Jordan that have achieved profits during the year.
belonging to the Not Always Zero group) and the change of the expected frequency conditioned on participation.
indicus genotypes exceeded the expected frequency at the Supreme, Select, and Standard grades for the criteria of maturity, meat color, fat color, and subcutaneous fat distribution.
It may be worth considering using a bias where an extra parameter is added to the expected frequency before calculation so that a number higher than (or lower than) the expected frequency is actually the zero.
Assuming that their genotypes were CC Ee, the expected frequency of ee (no extended black) in their progeny would be 25%.
Therefore, the null hypothesis of no relationships between the observed frequency and the expected frequency is rejected, showing a relationship between mental models and the use of ICTs in faculties and departments of physical education and sports sciences of Isfahan.
TABLE 4 Results of between Group Statistical Analysis of Personal and Generation's Peer Values Profiles Contingency table Group x Personal Values Profile Post- Materialist materialist Young Observed 104 11 [chi square] Expected frequency 100.
In the group of patients the expected frequency of distribution of genotypes was as follows: A/A=0.
The parameter estimate, lambda, was used to measure the degree of practical significance for each variable in the model; lambda returns an estimate of the importance of each variable in influencing the expected frequency in each cell.
Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE) test showed that case group data subset was in the range of expected frequency distribution (p<0.
Content errors were not significantly distributed because the individual frequencies for the category were too close to the expected frequency of 144.

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