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Self-aggrandizement and political expedience are also easy motives to understand--and, of course, to deny.
How can you associate P-Noy with the politics of expedience, if not opportunism?
"Our collective failure to make hard choices" and a willingness to suspend national ideals "for expedience's sake," he said during the course of his speech.
Shadow Home Secretary David Davis fumed: "Robust criminal justice means judges sentence according to crime, not the Government's expedience.
McClaren played him on the left, out of expedience. He didn't have the wit to encourage a greater sense of freedom.
It is one thing to argue that financial expedience demands that the project is curtailed forthwith.
For the last century or so, Italian government has been characterised by the truly startling capacity of the nomenclature to indulge in 'trasformismo'; political expedience which has no English word but its equivalent in, say, Winston Churchill who chased power through the parties ending up with the big prize of war leader.
B) Work expedience Experience of having successfully completed similar works as a prime contractor during last 07(seven) years ending last and day of the month previous to the one in which bids are invited, should be any of the following :- a) Three similar complete works costing of not less than amount equal to 40% of estimated cost OR b) Two similar complete works costing of not less than the amount equal to 50% of the estimate cost OR c) The one similar complete works costing not less than the amount equal to 80% of the estimate cost Definition of similar work shell be 11kv/3.3kv & other O/H line EMD value : INR 1870 Opening date : 27 Jan 2018 Period of contract : 10 days
When it comes to financial expedience, the scales of moral justice are weighted in favour of the criminal rather than those they target.
The whole process has been characterised by political deception, expedience and incompetence.
I've disliked the poisoned pygmy since, for political expedience, he dumped his wife.
It's wholly beyond me how the issue of animal welfare can be divorced from either thing, but for the expedience of the politicians themselves.