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But G effects are expediential rather than linear in nature.
Frequent-flyer body dysmorphic disorder, to give it its catchy title, refers to the difficulty women have in keeping up with the expediential leap in expectations of feminine beauty when they arrive in California.
The bigger the company, the more light years it is from its customer base, which is an expediential curve stretching into the next wormhole from you and I
The theme of Hank's presentation was that today's world is constantly changing due to the internet and the expediential growth of technology and businesses' need to constantly reinvent themselves to survive.
Fashionably sustainable housewares company poised for expediential growth in 2012
During the conference, I heard several highly successful companies, that have posted expediential growth despite the tough electronics global markets, discuss their secret for success and that secret was so basic and applicable regardless of a company's technical competence.
Lower Manhattan is growing at an expediential rate and by the end of 2006 the residential population will triple to 60,000.
Some businesses are just not regarded as having the potential for expediential growth, and are therefore unattractive.
The expediential growth of the number of participants in the foundation's New York City Swim series in indicative of the growing popularity of competitive marathon swims around the world and evidenced by the marathon swim event being included in this year's Beijing Olympics.
We observed at the San Diego solar power show a tremendous growth in the number of businesses and professionals moving into the space including consulting, project management, installation and engineering which with expediential growth over the next 10-20 years will provide a professional infrastructure necessary to service this growing industry," stated Mr.
And as the Earth's natural resources are depleted at an expediential rate, designing "green" becomes extremely important for our future.
And, with its location in a city where employment opportunities have grown at an expediential rate over the past few years, Edenglen will provide housing options for those people who are employed here yet currently live elsewhere.