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Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear School has not taught how to conduct or plan for flame field expedients for several years.
(8-9) It contains no references to flame field expedients. When this TM is published, the doctrine for flame field expedients will no longer reside within the Chemical Corps.
The following various procedures and expedients have evolved over time to create a ceramic program that is efficient:
"It's not just the short-term monetary and fiscal policy expedients," he said, "it's also the very favorable age structure of our population, our unparalleled technology and the global trends toward freer trade."
It also reveals an evolution in the work: Zush has gradually renounced certain mannerisms that were in style in the early '70s but that gradually became irksome (like the influence of a cheap surrealism full of cliches), to concentrate on a type of work stripped of simple expedients. This is not to say, even remotely, that Zush has become a restrained artist; rather, as his magnificent drawings in black pencil demonstrate, his work is always based on excess and accumulation.
One by one, however, these expedients have been exhausted, and the day of reckoning draws closer.
While not denying the importance of the latter two, Keegan stresses that culture, a factor heretofore neglected by most mainstream military historians, must be brought more fully into histories of warfare because "cultural forms, when they find strong champions, may prevail against the most powerfully besetting temptations to choose technical expedients as a means to victory, particularly when the price of victory is that of overturning ancient and cherished values" (p.
* Practical expedients upon transition--contract modifications and completed contracts: FASB and the IASB voted to propose a "use of hindsight" expedient.
* Sales tax presentation--gross versus net: FASB agreed to add a project to its technical agenda to propose revisions to the standard that would permit a practical expedient for presentation of sales taxes.
Michael Regan and John Hastings struggled on (and with each other) adopting various expedients to try to run the Architectural Press in harmony.
For example, the boards agreed to propose a "use of hindsight" practical expedient designed to make it easier to account for modified contracts.
The boards decided to propose a practical expedient upon transition for accounting for a modified contract.