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Although the expediter's license requirement raises questions about freedom of trade and the First Amendment right to petition government for a redress of grievances, it has so far escaped legal challenge in Chicago, where the unemployment rate as of July was 9.9 percent.
Some tour operators charge a small fee for this assistance, similar to that of a visa service or expediter.
The increasing availability of wireless technology in most major areas of the country, combined with The Hartford's determination to improve customer service, is what has made Claim Expediter possible.
Be an expediter. Finally, make yourself available to the people in your department--and be sure to let them know you are available--for purposes of job updating and improvement.
On the sandwich line, an expediter performs this step.
Longwall Associates named Barrie Hirst southeast sales and service engineer in Alabama, Joe Farinelli project engineer in Virginia, and Lance Campbell expediter and purchasing agent in the purchasing department.
An expediter keeps track of orders and works with all elements of the supply chain to avoid delays in processing.
Management: Peter Homestead, president; Joe Milkowski, chief financial officer; Kerry Cubas, director-special projects; Vinnie Nardone, sates; Greg Glasson, new business/restoration; Barry Spear, foundry expediter.
LEXIS Publishing has, also announced the addition of the Matthew Bender Medical Expediter to the Authority Personal Injury Law Library.
An expediter, who is an experienced mechanic, scopes out the incoming unit's needs beforehand, having all relevant parts laid out in advance.

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