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Although it is early in the process, we estimate that Claim Expediter has the potential to remove days from claim cycle time.
The new Medical Expediter is designed to work like most Web pages and allows lawyers, law librarians, paralegals, and law students to navigate through three primary screens.
Anyway, the Expediter was quietly retired a couple of years ago and is now being replaced by the new Super-Max, a 34-grain, truncated-cone hollow point design that sneaks out the muzzle at an even 1,500 fps, the same nominal velocity of Remington's Yellow Jacket and Federal's.
I was working as a flagger and expediter on a construction job up North near Fairbanks, and I thought I could start my own company.
Services: Leading expediter with 25 years experience in delivering on-time critical freight by ground, air, and blended services.
This built on his wartime experience as an expediter and mechanical engineer for the United States Army Corps.
Users know instantly which cause of action to bring, what type of relief their client is entitled to obtain, and the steps necessary to institute the suit The Expediter also integrates diverse but related types of information, including analytic discussion, forms, statutes, and cases, and communicates it in an intelligent and highly useful way, according to the announcement.
American Expediter guarantees delivery at an agreed-upon time, for an increase in charges.
After days of reported discrepancies from his weapons expediter concerning the discovery of damaged GAU-18 bolts during the end of firing day inspections, TSgt Sawyer had his maintenance team further investigate to see if the damage rendered the bolts unserviceable.
principal, said, "Today, the key to completing a project on time is having the right architect and right expediter behind you when dealing with the DOB.
Johnson, USN, (Gold Star in Lieu of Second Award), ROVSS Logistics Expediter, USS Frank Cable (AS 40), June 2008 to July 2009.
An expediter for Cincinnati Milacron (Heald Machine Co.

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