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Form 1128, Application To Adopt, Change, or Retain a Tax Year, is used to apply for expeditious approval.
While the adequacy of internal controls has long been a point of major emphasis of supervisors, these recent events reinforce the need for supervisors to pursue rigorously the expeditious correction of internal control deficiencies in financial institutions.
I would like to set forth a new, efficient, and expeditious system for the introduction and diffusion of health care technologies.
Summary: New Delhi [India], November 1 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the Centre to constitute special courts on lines of fast track courts for expeditious disposal of cases pending against parliamentarians and Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs).
Legal fraternity must put in to practice all energies and interest to actualize the vision of expeditious and inexpensive justice, the Chief Justice said this while talking to an 18-member delegation of Narowal Bar Association, who called on him here headed by Akbar Khan advocate.
In announcing the release of the study, Stringer said, "I thank the IBO for their expeditious action on this critical issue and hope their analysis will contribute to the public debate and lead to a speedy resolution of the disagreement over plans for the site.
In contrast, the FBI continues to advocate and encourage footprinting infants at birth, believing that this process represents a reliable, expeditious, and cost-efficient method for establishing probable personal identity.
The IRS returns unnecessary ruling requests and refunds any accompanying user fees, but practitioners who are aware of the service's expeditious approval procedures can prevent delays for their clients.
After considering more conventional methods, the Burnt Point owner has elected the real estate auction as the most expeditious and simple means of selling his property.