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Two or three decades ago social philosophers and statisticians and well-meaning philanthropists were still talking and writing about the deportation of the Negroes, or about their settlement within some restricted area, or about their settling in all parts of the Union, or about their decline through their neglect of their children, or about their rapid multiplication till they should expel the whites from the South--of every sort of nonsense under heaven.
If Werper succeeded in keeping himself from conversation with the young woman, he failed signally to expel her from his thoughts.
She now began to expel the similar representatives of Japan.
With what ease, Endued with regal virtues as thou art, Appearing, and beginning noble deeds, Might'st thou expel this monster from his throne, Now made a sty, and, in his place ascending, A victor-people free from servile yoke
It is very odd that, in a country where mining had been extensively carried on for many years, so simple a process as gently roasting the ore to expel the sulphur previous to smelting it, had never been discovered.
And if they are unable to expel him, or to get him condemned to death by a public accusation, they conspire to assassinate him.
She resisted it therefore with her utmost force, and summoned every argument her reason (which was surprisingly strong for her age) could suggest, to subdue and expel it.
And as he enters, the Doctor goes on, to Holmes--"You see, I do not know anything of the case officially, and if I take any notice of it at all, I must publicly expel the boy.
It stood up against me like a wall, filling my lungs with air which I could not expel.
And I hope you won't expel me if I ask a question in my turn?
France does not normally expel or extradite its own nationals to third countries and Al-Yaaqoubi is sought by authorities in Morocco.
Confirming the report, Mesri Khan Mohmand the incharge of refugees' affairs with Afghanistan embassy, said that Pakistani police harassing the Afghans and expel them forcibly.