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Expel, which aims to decrease the burden of maintaining security systems on companies, is based in suburban Washington, DC.
South Sudanese political authorities have to take a clear decision providing to expel (rebel) movements" and "there is no excuse for those who have been warned.
BEIRUT: Qatar reversed a decision to expel five Lebanese expatriates, the National News Agency reported Monday, hours after authorities in Lebanon were informed of the planned expulsions from the Gulf state.
Their vote came amid international outrage over a devastating bombardment of the city of Homs by President Bashar Assad's forces, and shortly after Tunisia -- the country whose uprising launched the past year's upheaval in the Arab world -- decided to expel Syria's ambassador.
Dr Al Nuaimi urged all private schools not to expel students arbitrarily.
The Tories yesterday claimed the figures prove the Government has made it harder for schools to expel bullies.
Summary: Britain is expelling two Iranian diplomats in response to Tehran's decision to expel two UK diplomats, Gordon Brown has announced.
A LEADING Merseyside private school was right to expel a pupil for allegedly being involved in drug deals, a judge ruled yesterday.
PORTLAND, ORE * Sudan's decision to expel Mercy Corps and 12 other humanitarian organizations from the war-torn nation risks millions of lives, said Neal Keny-Guyer, chief executive of the Portland-based humanitarian agency.
Summary: Sudan is ready to expel foreign ambassadors "if they exceed their diplomatic mission," President Omar al-Bashir was quoted as saying on Thursday
They expelled the family from their home and this is the second time to expel the entire family.
Astronomical models indicate that most heavyweights expel large amounts of matter before they die, but that they eject this material relatively slowly, over their entire 3-to-4-million-year lifetimes.