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Hoyer said the ethics committee process to decide if Weiner had committed an expellable offense would take time and "I really don't know if we have that time." He said he didn't see how Weiner could stay in office.
In his paper, "Historiographic Narratives: The Discourse Strategies for Constructing Expellable 'Moorish' Subjects," Jose Maria Perceval persuasively investigates the historical background to understanding contemporary Islamophobia, by going back to how decisions were made to expel Spanish Muslims ("Moriscos" or "new Moorish Christians") not as mere individuals but as an officially recognized collective.
With this focus on appropriateness and proven efficacy, the framers of the law reached into the repertoire of behavioral principles to mandate that a functional behavioral assessment be conducted to assure the appropriateness of interventions used in the special placements to which these otherwise expellable students were to go.