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Sai Pratap, former minister and MP from Rajampeta in Rayalaseema region said that Congress had committed a blunder by expelling them.
Bahraini authorities began expelling Lebanese expatriates shortly after Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah lashed out at Bahrain's Sunni rulers for their crackdown on Shiite protesters demanding reforms and freedom in the Gulf kingdom.
The Prime Minister told the Commons that Iran had taken the "unjustified step" of expelling two British diplomats over allegations which were "absolutely without foundation".
Summary: On Wednesday 11 June, the Leader of the Revolution Muammar Gaddafi will be delivering a speech on the 38th Anniversary of expelling American military bases from Libya.
Mr Omedeni, aged 46, a building surveyor, says the all-white panel should have given his son a chance to mend his ways rather than expelling him for his first serious breach of the rules.
Other reasons given for expelling pupils include sexual misconduct, racist abuse, theft, damaging property and, in one case, a child firing a weapon into a crowded PE changing room and injuring classmates.
Property restorer Russell Gray, aged 49, from Knightsbridge, central London, launched a legal bid to stop Marlborough College, in Wiltshire, expelling his son Rhys.