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Because of the assumed expendability of NTT faculty, traditional activist strategies may fail to persuade administrators or other decision-makers and only lead to mass job loss for individuals and additional negative consequences for programs.
Small evangelical storefront churches grossly outnumber living wage job centers, God and Jesus are touted as some of the biggest "cultural" influences, and high teen pregnancy rates are a symptom of the expendability of "other people's children" (to quote education activist Lisa Delpit).
The Expendables 2 Cert 15, 102 mins For all their self-proclaimed expendability, this bunch of 'man'opausal mercenaries are surprisingly hard to get shot of.
The initial discussions of technological and financial vulnerability give way to discussions of more abstract concepts: the primitive nature of sexual desire; the expendability of the masses for the sake of a visionary idea; the dizzying speed of human progress and the inability of language to keep up with it.
For the mulatto character, expendability of his black heritage was the essential factor in his re-evaluation.
features such as the commonly opaque nature of accountability within the corporate structures, the expendability of individuals, the practice of corporate separation of those responsible for past violations and those responsible for preventing future offenses, as well as the safe harboring within the corporations of individual suspects, can all contribute to the difficulty of locating individual wrongdoers, as well undermining any deterrent value of prosecution.
310) Michael Tonry has suggested that the political expendability and rhetorical criminalization of poor, urban minorities made them the most obvious "enemy" in the war on drugs.
Rider has learned some painful truths in his previous missions about betrayal, expendability, and the thanks you don't get for serving your country.
The script reflects the bawdy humour and harsh reality of 17th century life, and allows us to glimpse a darker undertow of vulnerability and expendability just below the glittering surface.
Their scars and their deaths seem to express feelings of expendability and demands for justice: they became quasi-heroicised markers of the injustice and futility many experienced in everyday life.
Nothing exemplifies the cold, hard professionalization of football more than the expendability of players, as it is well accepted that even folk heroes such as Brett Favre will not finish their careers with the same team.
But none were as popular as the 30-gallon M10 smoke tank--at least partially due to its expendability.